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The brightest star in the sky on the darkest of nights, look for her... she'll always lead you home

Please post your favorite memory of or with Annemarie in the memories section of the site.....

Daughter, Sister, Grand-Daughter, Niece, Cousin but most of all a friend to all...

This memorial website has been created to allow Annemarie's spirit to live through all of her loved ones who miss her dearly She meant so much to so many people, & in each and every person will live a part of her. Loyalty & Respect one of the few who always got it. It cant honestly be said anyone ever got it more than her. Never cared about whatever, just her and her people and those who stayed true.Those who knew her, have never known anyone like her, and never will. It is said over and over about people, but those who really knew her, know that when these words are spoken said about her, they are eminentley true. Truly one of a kind, those who really get that, were truly blessed. There will never be, and there could never be anybody like AMG. She did what she wanted, when she wanted, but never crossed those who remained true. There was no limit to what she would do for them. An Amazing friend and an even better sister. A protector, a lover, a fighter *always fighting for those she loved* It doesnt get any more real than that. There will never be another soul that could bring light to a room the way she could, bring life to a party like she did or bring sunshine in the rain on the cloudiest of days ♥

So lets raise our glasses, because each & everyday we are going to celebrate AMG, her life, her loyalty, and beauty. Saying Rest In Peace, isn't AMG style, live it up, dance on tables, be the life of the party because if I know her, she wont have it any other way...LEGENDS NEVER DIE... 

January 21, 1986 - December 25, 2009

Annemarie Gatto
Always & Forever